Charles Johnstone, FRICS, AACI, MIMA, RI

Director of Operations, Ontario | 1.800.337.5407

As an accomplished Assessor and Appraiser, Charles' career is personified as being that of a consummate professional that is devoted to the integrity of the appraisal profession and he leads by example. His experience includes many years as a leader within BC Assessment, which is arguably North America's most sophisticated and successful assessment authority. More recently, Charles has specialized as an Expert Witness within the tax consulting community. In the context of "what have you done for me lately?" Charles' most significant professional accomplishment was his role in the Domtar decisions in BC, Saskatchewan and Ontario. As previously noted, it effectively changed the rules on how to attack and subsequently re-set the valuation process for large industrial properties. As a direct result of Charles' leadership and AEC's involvement in the Ontario Domtar decisions, the Ministry of Finance established a process to review, critique and otherwise overhaul how MPAC approaches complex industrial properties from a valuation perspective.

Charles has also demonstrated an ability to shift from one industry sector to another, providing expert witness support in a variety of sectors across multiple geographic jurisdictions. The application of a credible and consistent process regardless of property type is the secret to success